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Lot K-0G-11, Ground Floor Solaris Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Key Features:

  • Compact designed open face helmet with Inner Sunshade
  • FEM(Finite Element Method) structual analysis to optimize the strength on each part, while reducing extra pounds. Well-balanced safety and lightness are realized.
  • Higher level safety assured with the reinforcing impact absorption liners placed under the cheek pads.
  • Effective parts layout and shell design realizes stylishness and compactness.
  • Cheek pads made of softer sponge, with comfortable ergonomic design in which the center portion where chinstrap overlaps is curved-in. This design enables comfortable fitting and stress free wearing of the helmet.
  • Full washable interiors with COOLMAX® material.
  • Micro ratchet buckle with multiple teeth engagements and release lever pivot system makes it possible to adjust the buckles securely and finely.
  • New sewing pattern enables the cheek pad to accommodate glasses more smoothly than ever.
  • Wider inner sunshade is attached standard.
  • SAJ-2 shield; air rolling-in is reduced with longer shield that is equipped with a rib designed to divert air flow to both sides effectively and evenly.
  • SAJ shield system PAT.(PAT.No.4839373)adopted.
  • Optionally available :100% MAX VISION Pinlock®Original Insert Lens.
  • New shape trim rubber and shield make high noiseless performance by eliminating the space gaps that cause the wind noise.
  • Rear ventilation integrated with Wake Stabilizer PAT. (PAT.No.4311691)
  • Intercom attachable with attachment space reserved.


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